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 Shinase, Mizune

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Mizune Shinase
Mizune Shinase

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PostSubject: Shinase, Mizune   Shinase, Mizune I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 22, 2010 3:52 am

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Shinase, Mizune Book

Application of SHINASE, MIZUNE*

Name: Mizune Rii Shinase
Gender: Female
Day of Birth: December 11th
Age: 22
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 122 pounds
Class: Sensei of Class 2A

Casual Appearance: Mizune was often described as a tall, slim doll-like being. Her strange blonde hair stands out the most in the crowd, as it does not necessarily match Japan's people. It has light waves, and reaches just above her shoulders. Mizune's bangs are often swept over her forehead, below her eyebrows. Mizune has a porcelain-like face complexion, suited for her slender body. In casualties, she often wears a deep blue dress with white sleeves and ridges (Bottom of dress) sewed on. A red ribbon is tied around her small waist, and drapes down the dress along with a white cloak that spreads over her bust. Tied around her neck is a red tie, and on her head is an expensive silk headband. Black nylon stockings are worn over her long legs, as well as a pair of matching black flats.
Personality: Mizune has a collectively calm, mysterious personality. She expresses herself in a straightforward, blunt manner, but can be friendly towards others when need be. Her friendliness, isn't as you would expect. Mizune has a rare, soft side to her personality where it seems as though she actually shows feeling in what she does, but she only shows this side of her when she if quite fond of you. She can show warmth as she smiles, but she only does this to be polite. She has trouble with trusting those around her, and likes to have distance between her and another when it comes to information. Despite her calmness, she can be very stubborn and her high level of competitiveness often gets the best of her. Behind everything, though, there may be something else about her personality that doesn't show often.
Likes: Raspberries, Chocolate, White Lilies, Summer nights
Dislikes: Expectations, Losing, Rain
Fears: Losing an Importance, Being disinherited

Family: Father {Owner of the Shinase Corporation}. Mother {Deceased.}. Step-Mother {Second wife of Father}. Hatori {Older Brother/Deceased.}
Hometown: Toma no Ura
Past: Mizune was born in a small hospital in Toma no Ura. They lived the life as many would call, a commoner's. Her father's company hadn't kicked off yet. Mizune's mother had went through an unplanned C-Section as Mizune was being born. Although Mizune was a healthy child despite a weak immune system, her mother was far weaker and shortly after giving birth, had passed away.

Mizune and her brother, Hatori, were extremely close despite the five year difference. Mizune wasn't one to become extremely close with friends, so she would lean on her brother instead. They knew eachother the most, and shared dinners everyday while their father was out to increase popularity with the company. Hatori wasn't someone people would call normal in personality, although he could make friends with anyone through his strange, yet funny attitude. He was somewhat fatherly, but that touch of friendliness was always there. Mizune looked up to him no matter how much older she got, even in her teens.

Unluckily, on a rainy day 11 days before Mizune's birthday, Hatori (age 23) had gotten into a car crash. He remained in the hospital for 2 days before dying, and it rained throughout. Mizune remained by his side while their father didn't even pass by a visit. The errand Hatori had run on the day of the crash, was buying Mizune a gift, the red silk headband that is worn upon her head up to today. A week after, for the funeral, it rained on that day as well and days after upon her birthday, then passed. Mizune grows her dislike of rain from this, as it reminds her of her loss.
Additional Notes: She has a weak immune system, commonly getting into coughing fits. She is the heiress to the Shinase Corporation. Mizune is independent, not liking to rely on her family for things she needs.
Who did you PM?: Chihara Okazaki

© Mizune Shinase on OuranHS.darkbb.com


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Chihara Okazaki
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PostSubject: Re: Shinase, Mizune   Shinase, Mizune I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 25, 2010 2:17 am

Shinase, Mizune Approv10

I enjoyed how beautifully written and detailed your application was!


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Shinase, Mizune
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